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A great blog by my gorgeous friend Ny on her album launch that I was a part of! If you love great music, then you will love Ny who is a talent that is gonna be huge. Her debut album ‘Who Is She’ is out now! xoxo

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Hi beautiful people, so I have decided to start writing a blog again, I thought it would be a good way for all my Nyettes to see what I get up to and to get to know me a little better. What better way to start then to let you know all about my launch.


Last night was my album introduction event in Camden london (where I grew up ) Proud galleries. My friend Jodie, for the past few weeks did everything to make sure the night was everything I wanted it to be I knew she was running about sorting everything out and I had to stay focused on the performance ahead.


After my trip into central London to get my hd eye brows and minx individual lashes at ‘I brows etc’ with Talitha and Cat, I grabbed a tuna toasted sandwich from Pret…

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Eyebrows! Step by Step (my brows)…

This is another blog post for one of my super sweet Twitter followers (@MissClareLW) who very kindly compliments my brows. I posted a Face of the Day pic on twitter recently with only my brows and some lipgloss on. This pic lead to an agreement that I would blog about my basic brow routine. I am very flattered at the kind comments I get on my brows and although it is not anything spectacular, I hope that you will enjoy it.

I like many have over plucked brows in the past. This has resulted in them being quite thin and sparse in place. I do very often however go out without any product on my brows once they have been freshly threaded. I get this done at least every 4 weeks. You have probably heard that brows frame the face and I have to agree. Even as a glasses wearer, my brows add that little bit extra to my plain face.

There are 2 ways that I ‘wear my brows’. With nothing at all, just a quick brush through or with a pencil and some powder. Below are the steps I take to achieve my natural looking brow, with minimal effort!


Following the numbered pictures above:

  1. My naked brow 🙂
  2. Using a brow brush/ comb/ wand  follow the direction of the hair and brush accordingly.
  3. Take a brow pencil (make sure it is sharpened) or a brow coloured gel line and draw a line underneath your brows to define them. The pencil pictured is MAC Eyebrows in Spiked. It is a mechanical pencil that you twist to use.
  4. Find a eyebrow powder (preferably matt) that is a shade lighter of your hair colour. I would never recommend using black as it can appear too harsh. This is only my opinion. If you dye your hair still go for a colour that compliments or is lighter than your natural hair colour. A flat or angled brush is ideal for this step.
  5. The colour I use is MAC in Cross Cultural. Start at the end or ‘tail’ of the brow and fill it in. From the middle to end should be the darkest. Use gentle strokes and pick up a little product. Run it through the brows where you can see gaps. Work your way to the front and decide on the shape you want. Some like a rounded look or a square finish. I tend to go for the latter. When I want a more natural finish I use the brow wand to take some of the powder from the front for a faded finish. Again down to preference.
  6. I then use a wash of colour all over my eye in a shade that is my skin tone or a little lighter.
  7. My go to colour is MAC Texture. It has a velvet finish with gold shimmer- gorgeous!
  8. I LOVE the highlighted brow look and even without the above, I do not skip this step. Place the product under the highest point or arch and blend down to make them brows stand out. Colour here is NYX Vanilla Sky. I also love MAC Arena and Too Faced Honey Pot.
  9. Voila! Natural looking more defined brows.

Some other notable mentions and tips!

  • If you are in-between threading or waxing trips and have hair to conceal under the brow, use concealer for a cleaner, sharper look! This looks nice under the brows but I know some people are fond of using concealer all around the brow.
  • Made the brows too dark? Take your wand or brush and go over the brows. This should pick up excess product and you can repeat this until your comfortable.
  • Be adventurous with your highlight colour. Whilst golds and creams etc look great on dark skin tones, it doesn’t mean it won’t on other tones. Try out different ones until you find the one that makes your brows stand out.
  • Try and balance out your look. If you’re not a big make-up wearer like me doing your brows alone can sometimes seem like they are the most defined feature on the face. Balance it out with a gorgeous lipstick or gloss. Instant make-up without the full make-up!
  • The brows should start straight up from the edge of your nose. Use the brush to help you find this if unsure. It should end at the corner of the eye. Again the brush is great for lining up.
  • Try to keep your brows natural shape and don’t force an arch if there isn’t one there. The shape you have is likely to be the most flattering on your face. If not sure have a beautician shape them and then keep this up!

Hope I have inspired you to try something new. I would love to hear how you do your brows. Let me know and send pics!

Besos! TBH! xoxo

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Wearable Smokey Look…

One of my lovely twitter followers (@cecelsu) and I were discussing smokey eyes and being able to create one for everyday or the daytime.  A smokey eye means different things to different people. Many assume it is a dark look for the eyes. For me, it is a look that is blended well and appears ‘smoked out’. It can be any colour and almost any texture, as long as it doesn’t have any harsh lines and looks like the colours are blended from dark to light.

I have already done a ‘dramatic smokey look‘ with a classic twist. This look is a more wearable one for everyday if you want, using browns, golds and bronzes. As I said above you can switch up the colours you use. In fact if you are a beginner the steps below should help!

This is for you @cecelsu xoxo

  • Start with one colour if you are not comfortable blending more than one. Use a flat brush to apply the colour all over your lid. Pack the colour on for the most intensity!
  • Then using a fluffy blending brush when the colour stops and you see the harsh line use the tip of the brush to blend this line only. Try not to go over the colour on the lid. Use small circular motions or back and forth (windscreen wiper) ones. When the line starts to fade and become lighter you are achieving your ‘smokey’ look.
  • Blending takes time. Don’t rush this process.
  • If you feel ready to take it to the next level then use another colour in the outer corner or crease area. This is that area where you can feel your eye socket. Sounds scary but isn’t. Close your eye and gently feel for the dip where your socket it. This is where it ‘creases’ when your eye is open and where you should blend in another colour if you want.
  • If you do use another colour to make it stand out more and appear more defined, try a medium shade up from the colour on the lid or a deeper, warmer colour.
  • Don’t take the colour under the lid for a daytime look, unless you really want to. Separate your day look from night.

My beautiful God-Daughter, Rochaun and I did a simple wearable look a couple of months back. Here is what we came up with using the steps above. I used MAC colours and a MAC 239 to place colour on the lid/  in the outer corner and MAC 224 to blend.

I will try and capture the look step by step next time and post those pics for you.

Hope you found this useful. Next post will be all about eyebrows!

Enjoy! TBH! xoxo

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Male skin needs love too…

It needs the same TLC that you give your cars, motorbikes and video games but with a extra dollop of moisturiser for good measure. I kid you not! I know that it is Football season (that’s NFL or actual football dependent on which side of the pond you are). I also know that FIFA 13 and other exciting games are occupying your time right now. Guess what though? Looking after your skin won’t actually take too much time away from all that fun…promise! I also promise not to mention games or football or to try to drop any further analogies into this post.

We are all products of our environment as they say! Whether you work in an office, where the heat or AC is on constantly or in a factory. You may play sports or work outdoors. Whether you cycle or ride a Harley with the wind, rain, dirt, dust etc in your face you need to protect and look after your skin.

So if you’re still using the same soap on your face as you do on your body and wonder why your skin is starting to age or break out, then I think it is time that we had a talk. This blog is for you.

This post is for you whether you are a teenager or someone who is nearing a milestone in life. Whilst I am not a male skin expert, these tips are no huge secret.

I wrote a blog a couple months back about some of the top products on the market for male skin. I hope that you found that useful and informative. In another post I spoke about grooming and some basic tips to help you along the way. I don’t want to be controversial but I don’t think there is too much difference in the regime you start whether you are male or female. We all want the same thing. To look after our skin! Working on that premise there are things you should know.

  1. Skin type is important! If you don’t know what skin your skin needs you could be doing more harm than good! It is generally broken down into these areas. Drynormalcombinationoily and sensitive. Your skin lives and breathes and therefore needs that TLC I spoke of earlier. Not sure how to identify your current skin type, read here. You may have had dry skin in school but now it’s oily. When you know what it is, you’ll know what products are best.
  2. One soap may not be the best soap! The soap/ shower gel/ soap on a rope Christmas gift is not enough. Just because it seems to be cleansing your body good, it doesn’t mean it is doing the same for your face. The skin on the face is a lot more delicate and exposed that the rest of your body. Invest in a good facial wash/ cleanser or the soap bar kind if you prefer. You face will thank you for it. It should be strong enough to do it’s job and wash away the dirt, dead skin etc. but gentle enough not to strip your skin of it’s essential oils.
  3. Deep cleanse and exfoliate! This should be something you do at least once a week. Overdoing this step can be very harmful to your skin so I don’t recommend you do it any more than that. Deep cleansing your face will get that hidden bacteria and his friends out of the pores. Yep, you will be surprised at how much is hidden in those tiny ‘holes’ in the skin- even after you wash your face. Exfoliation is also a step you don’t want to miss in out on. Takes away the dead cells from the surface and a little deeper. This is also an important step if you shave as it helps prevent ingrown hairs. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: Love oatmeal? Take your facial cleanser and add a small amount of the non-flavoured breakfast goody to it. Turn into a paste and voila! cheap exfoliant. You can replace the oatmeal with baking soda also. 
  4. Protect your skin! Like your skin depends on it! Dramatic, I know, but true. If you don’t look after your skin, who will? Once you have done the hard work of cleansing etc you need to protect it as best you can. Moisturisers, creams and serums will help you do this. You don’t have to spend a fortune on products but invest in the ones that offer you the best results for what you need. A moisturiser that you can use day and night as opposed to separate ones. An eye cream that offers several benefits rather than one for each ‘issue’. If you and your partner have the same skin type and her products won’t make you smell of flowers and candy (unless you like that smell) then try theirs and see how it works for you.
  5. Monitor your progress! Take photos or look at how your skin will benefit over time. Even when you are tired or don’t feel like it, still follow the steps. you won’t reap the same rewards if you do it half-heartedly.

Remember whenever going out to purchase products, don’t forget step 1. 

Special mention for acne-sufferers to those with scarring or other skin conditions. Speaking to a dermatologist or beauty specialist may actually help you more than you think. Many men feel that only women should seek advice about their skin, but if it bothering you then it is important. Don’t feel ashamed to take pride in your skin or appearance. No matter what, your inner beauty is still what makes you the most attractive and beautiful ‘YOU’ there is! This is true of us all.

Besos! TBH! xoxo

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