Wearable Smokey Look…

One of my lovely twitter followers (@cecelsu) and I were discussing smokey eyes and being able to create one for everyday or the daytime.  A smokey eye means different things to different people. Many assume it is a dark look for the eyes. For me, it is a look that is blended well and appears ‘smoked out’. It can be any colour and almost any texture, as long as it doesn’t have any harsh lines and looks like the colours are blended from dark to light.

I have already done a ‘dramatic smokey look‘ with a classic twist. This look is a more wearable one for everyday if you want, using browns, golds and bronzes. As I said above you can switch up the colours you use. In fact if you are a beginner the steps below should help!

This is for you @cecelsu xoxo

  • Start with one colour if you are not comfortable blending more than one. Use a flat brush to apply the colour all over your lid. Pack the colour on for the most intensity!
  • Then using a fluffy blending brush when the colour stops and you see the harsh line use the tip of the brush to blend this line only. Try not to go over the colour on the lid. Use small circular motions or back and forth (windscreen wiper) ones. When the line starts to fade and become lighter you are achieving your ‘smokey’ look.
  • Blending takes time. Don’t rush this process.
  • If you feel ready to take it to the next level then use another colour in the outer corner or crease area. This is that area where you can feel your eye socket. Sounds scary but isn’t. Close your eye and gently feel for the dip where your socket it. This is where it ‘creases’ when your eye is open and where you should blend in another colour if you want.
  • If you do use another colour to make it stand out more and appear more defined, try a medium shade up from the colour on the lid or a deeper, warmer colour.
  • Don’t take the colour under the lid for a daytime look, unless you really want to. Separate your day look from night.

My beautiful God-Daughter, Rochaun and I did a simple wearable look a couple of months back. Here is what we came up with using the steps above. I used MAC colours and a MAC 239 to place colour on the lid/  in the outer corner and MAC 224 to blend.

I will try and capture the look step by step next time and post those pics for you.

Hope you found this useful. Next post will be all about eyebrows!

Enjoy! TBH! xoxo

P.S. Don’t forget to get at me on twitter @TheBeautyHolder


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