Straight… no chaser! NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review!

My July favourites post was a little teaser for this one. I am a little obsessed with this next product and wanted to do it justice by giving a full and thorough review. This is as always an honest and humble review. I have not been paid or endorsed for this. All opinions are that of my own.

Like many other women, one of the things that deters me from wearing foundation is the feel of it on my skin. As a Make-up Artist, a flawless foundation is the base for beautiful make up. If it doesn’t feel right on the skin you are not likely to feel confident wearing it. I have tried several foundations and most of the time I have not been able to find the right shade or texture. Something that feels like and looks like I am not wearing anything on my face and makes it look airbrushed. NARS Sheer Glow is that foundation.

As the name suggests it gives a dewy ‘sheer glow’ to the skin whilst providing a medium to full coverage. It is buildable if you want a full coverage to the skin but that in my opinion would take away from the beauty of it. This foundation makes your skin look sun kissed no matter what tone you are. It evens out discolouration and reflects light, brightening and illuminating the skin. It has a light and hydrating formula that is kind to the skin and lets it breathe.

Dewy looking foundations can make you look fresh faced and soft, brightening your complexion. Matt finishes (which NARS foundations also come in) are more of a flat even coverage without the illumination. The finish you choose will be determined by different factors such as your skin type, coverage, age, preference and more.

Why I love this foundation!

I am a passionate advocate for being able to find a shade or two for all skin tones and colours. My foundation revelation post back in March spoke of my past struggles of being able to find foundation for black skin. This continues to be a struggle for many women of all shades and NARS have taken note of this. Many other make up companies are taking note too. From the fairest of skin to the darkest, NARS Sheer Glow can probably be found in your perfect shade or mixed to find the right one for your beautifully unique tone. In 20 shades with cute names such as New Orleans, Trinidad, Syracuse and Barcelona (see what the theme is?) these foundations are hydrating and smoothing to the skin.

It feels like satin on the skin. I actually forget I am wearing it and a little goes along way. My favourite use of the product is as a concealer and it works so well on blemishes and evening out discolouration and pigmentation. If you have extremely pigmented dark spots you may need to apply a couple of layers until you are satisfied with the coverage. That is down to preference.

My Bridal clients adore it and next to INGLOT (review on way) it is my foundation of choice for wedding make-up. It translates gorgeously in pictures and will not leave you disappointed. It has a very non-existent smell and for best coverage should be applied with the warmth of your fingers blending into the skin. You can of course use your favourite foundation brush if you prefer.

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 4/5

NARS are not drugstore priced. They are a little more high-end and you do pay for quality. Francois NARS created a line that started in 1994 with about 8 lipsticks sold at Barney’s in New York. Now worldwide it is a name synonymous with glamour and seduction. Find out more here. I expect to go to a department store and buy a foundation for more than £25. At £29.50 (UK PRICE) this is reasonable for a product of this quality.

Packaging: 3.5/5

I am normally a huge fan of NARS classic black simple packaging. They have sleek and ‘expensive’ looking compacts for lipsticks and eyeshadows. Their foundations are come in 30ml/ 1FL OZ glass bottles with the name in large letters horizontally on the side. The lid is a large and a little bulky cover that can be pulled off the reveal a screw top lid. Many people are not told that. This big lid annoys me for some reason but not more so than the fact you have to pour the foundation out as it doesn’t have a pump. They can be purchased separately. The pouring action means you normally always get more than you actually need and this means waste. I don’t like wastage. Especially expensive ones. So whilst it looks pretty, it is pretty annoying to get out easily without the spilling or pouring more than you need. Yes, you can scoop it back in the bottle easy enough- sometimes. The black paper box is 100% recyclable as should the glass bottle. The glass is pretty tough as it has dropped (with the lid on) a few times and survived.

Product: 5/5

I love the foundation. I love the coverage, the look and most importantly the feel of the foundation. It does not have a harsh chemical smell that some foundations have. It glides on the skin, not hard to blend and when buffed into the skin, gives a real airbrushed and flawless finish. Sits on the skin comfortably and is easy to remove with your regular cleanser. I have worn it as concealer for more than 8 hours and have not had to top it up or touch it. As a concealer, I set it with powder, as a foundation, I leave it as is without powder as I love the sheer and dewy finish.

This is my favourite foundation by a long shot. I like my skin to still look like skin with foundation on and I want it to look as natural as possible. This is all that and then some. My second favourite is a very distant second at that. If you are looking for a new foundation get a tester from your NARS stockist. If you have any problems colour matching or need assistance with foundations or any other beauty/ make-up query don’t hesitate to get in touch. Details on the contact me page.

There are loads of pics on other posts without foundation. Here is one with the NARS Sheer Glow.

Hope you enjoyed this review.


TBH! xoxo


8 responses to “Straight… no chaser! NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review!”

  1. Hello, The WordPress Only Beauty Blogger Hop Blog List is up! Be sure to check out all of the blogs ☺

  2. wow, that looks amazing! im thinking i might need to splurge….

    i nomintaed you for some blog awards….you might have them already though since this is a great blog!

    1. Thank you so much for reading this and checking out my blog. You are so very kind!

      I really recommend the foundation. My pics did’nt do it justice. It is a great buy when you have some extra cash. I am sure you can get a tester also.

      Thanks for the blog nomination also. Truly flattered. I am getting into the blogging thing big time! Really love it. I’m enjoying your blog too and look forward to more exciting posts!

      Have a great day! xo

      1. I’m debating between the NARS and Urban Decay foundations. I usually only wear tinted moisturizer, but there’s those days when a girl needs to look her absolute best! 😉
        I’m a huge fan of both NARS and UD, so I’m quite torn. Maybe a sample is the way to go on these…. I’m also ridiculously hard to color match due to my mixed heritage 🙂

        btw-I think your pics are great!
        I’m kinda new to blogging as well, but if there’s anything I can help ya with, hit me up!!! There’s a great FB group that teaches you lots of stuff you need to know. The badge is on my site, the Beauty Blogazons.

      2. I haven’t tried any of the UD foundations yet. I am in Florida visiting family at the moment and want to try something new. The UD wasn’t out in the UK before I left.

        Think maybe get testers for both and see which you prefer. The NARS one is light enough to be a tinted moisturiser if you use a little of it. You could always dilute it more with your own moisturiser if you want more sheer cover.

        Thanks for the great tip about the Facebook bloggers page. Can’t wait to check it out. Thank you also for the offer of support. Vice Versa. Anything I can do to help please let me know! It will be a pleasure! xo

      3. Where are you in FL currently? I’m in the Tampa area. If possible, a meetup would be awesome since you live across the pond 😀

      4. Sounds great! I’m in Fort. Lauderdale at the moment which I know is a couple hours away from Tampa but I’m sure we can try and figure something out! 🙂

      5. it’s about 3 hours…. are you gonna be around a while?
        my email harajukugirlfl {at} (gmail) dot *com*

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