Lucky 6! Six top skin care products for Men!

Did I mention they are all under £10.00 (if you live in the UK that is).



Remember to pay attention to your skin type when choosing products. Most brands have a wide selection of items for Sensitive, Oily, Dry, Mature skin and more. This is a quick list of some of the good products out there. There are more costly items that are amazing but this post will focus on some that won’t break that trust fund or your drinking budget.

If you haven’t started your skin care routine yet, maybe these products will serve as a starting point.

Face Wash:

  • Nivea for Men Deep Cleansing Face Wash- around £3.50-£3.99

Nivea really is a brand that you can trust when it comes to skin care. The above not only refreshes your skin but does as the name suggests, provides a deep clean.

  • Nivea for Men Skin Energy Face Wash -Instant Effect Q10- around £4.00-£4.95

Another one from Nivea. Gives dull skin a much needed boost and revives the skin leaving you looking and feeling refreshed!

Face Scrub: 

  • Nivea for Men Exfoliating Face Scrub- around £4.49
Yep! Another Nivea product. If you have rough, dry skin then this is for you as it scrubs away the dirt and oil clogging those pores.
  • Bulldog Original Face Scrub- around £5.50 and up
This product was recommended by a friend of mine who uses it religiously. He says that it makes his face soft to the touch and is not as drying as other products. Great before a shave as it gets the skin ready by lifting that dead hair and skin.
  • No. 7 for Men Energising Moisturiser- £8.25 @ Boots
For anyone who has tired looking skin and wants it to look more alive.
  • L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturiser – Around £7.99 and up
By it’s own account it is said to target 5 signs of fatigue (dryness, tightness, dullness roughness and loss of firmness).
The above are just a guide to what’s out there. When used with other products such as masks, serums, night repair treatments, sun protection, anti-ageing products etc, your skin will start to reap the rewards. It is so important for men to look after their skin and to know what is good for their skin type. Your skin will thank you later!
Items available at your local pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets and much more.
TBH! xoxo


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