Quick Skin Type fixes!

Our ‘skin types’ can stay the same or change. This could be down to the weather, our chemical balance or other factors. Once you know what you’re working with, you’ll know how to give your ‘type’ what it craves!

Below are some quick tips that may help you when choosing products for your type.

Dry/ Dehydrated Skin!

Water, water and more water! You should up your internal intake of water daily. This will help to replenish the skin from the inside out!

Use a moisturiser with a strong water content. Don’t use harsh alcohol based products too often. Moisturise twice daily with a good intensive hydrating night cream.

Be cautious about only using powder as makeup. This can have a tendency to sit in fine lines and wrinkles. Try ones that have silicone or are oil-based (makeup only and not necessarily skin care products)!

Oily Skin!

Prone to more spots and breakouts, people with oily skin should also avoid high alcohol products. It can strip the skin too much and have longer term implications.

Choose a good oil- based cleanser but counteract with a oil-free moisturiser.

Makeup? Be wary of those products that have silicone or fat. They can make you look more shiny.

Combination Skin!

Your T-Zone is normally the oil magnet. Cheeks and other parts- generally dry. Find products for your type and use them where needed. This is the same guidance to be applied with moisturising. Only where you need it!

Makeup options are not all limited and just require a little trial and error.

Sensitive Skin!

Perfumes, fragrances and also live plant extracts can cause quite a bad reaction to sensitive skin. Look for hypoallergenic products but always check the ingredients!

The above also applies to makeup.

If in any doubt, speak to a skin care specialist. They mostly give free advice (samples too sometimes)! Pop in and see one at your local department store or beauty salon.

This is just for guidance and I hope you find it useful.

The Beauty Holder! xo


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