Welcome to The Beauty Holder!

If I haven’t lost your attention with the title, there is hope for me yet!

Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog! It is my very first one and I hope that means they can get better from here!

My blogs will be mostly about beauty, skincare and make-up- which is my new found passion! I hope to inspire and coach women, men, young people of different ages and backgrounds to redefine their beauty. No matter how young, mature or new to beauty and grooming you are! That beauty inside you is about to be unleashed!

Welcome to the The Beauty Holder! xo


11 responses to “Welcome to The Beauty Holder!”

  1. Theolonius... Avatar

    Your No1 Fan….

  2. boredntalkatve Avatar

    Woohoo!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  3. Welcome!!! Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Hope you get to check out and like the other posts too! πŸ™‚

  4. Great post. Didn’t know this, thanks for letting me know.

    1. Pleasure! Thanks for checking it out!

  5. […] from the real world and opportunity to share my love of writing and beauty. Looking back at my first post all those years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. Punctuation, syntax, and grammar- no existent […]

  6. […] gonna get back in my feelings now but here is a link to my very first post… ‘welcome to the beauty holder‘, look how far WE have […]

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