Thank You…

Hey Loves,

Before the end of 2022 (the blink and you missed it year), I wanted to drop you a quick message.

This year challenged many of us in ways we were not prepared for, yet we continued to push forward and do our best to overcome. I pray that the coming year brings you peace, renewed hope, love, and above all… purpose. I hope you are able to find that passion that once fuelled you and your dreams. Whatever they may be. Go hard for them but go harder for YOU!

Thank you for the many ways you showed this little ole dream of mine love. My DMs remain open if you are having a difficult time and need someone to talk to. You can also use the contact details at the top of this post 🤍

May God bless you and your loved ones in 2023!

This post is dedicated to my darling friend and sister Ingrid Boutin whose angel wings took flight in November this year. One of my biggest supporters, who encouraged me and this blog from the very beginning. I miss you Ingi… (we all miss you so much) sleep well my love. ♥️

My loves: Tristie, Ingrid, and DM- NYC

Besos 💋

The Beauty Holder xoxo


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