I’m turning Japanese! Geisha Inspired Look…

I have never done a Geisha look before. Not practiced it, not seen it done on someone else and here I am getting creative. Gotta start somewhere right?

My lovely friend Glemma suggested a Geisha look after my Arabic Inspired look. I decided this morning to take up the gauntlet. I wanted to try the traditional look first before getting too adventurous as I have not done it before. Traditional Geisha’s have matt white porcelain skin, straight defined brows and small red lips. The lips are not filled in all the way. Red eyeshadow and black liner very close to the lash line.

Seeing myself turn white in front of my eyes was weird to say the least. My son just looked at me and kept it moving. I can only imagine what he thought. Make-up artists know that if your eyes are red adding red shadow only makes them look more bloodshot and tired. I did this as soon as I woke up and so my eyes do look pretty red and irritated.

In the first pic I went all the way traditional. With small lips. In the second pic I mixed it up a bit with full red matt lips.

all the way traditional with small lips Traditional skin and full lips


Full lips and white skin Full lips


For love or money, I could not find any flowers for my hair. Always the way. I didn’t add any lashes on this look but maybe for the next one.

So there is my first attempt at a Geisha inspired look. Let me know what you think! Prefer the full lips? Traditional look?

This blog post is dedicated to Ernest Canion. My second Dad who sadly passed away on this day last year. He always supported and encouraged me in everything I did. You are always on my mind. I miss you everyday. I love you Daddy E! xoxo

Always and Forever in my heart



TBH! xoxo


One response to “I’m turning Japanese! Geisha Inspired Look…”

  1. Aww thank you for taking up the challenge, DM. Of course you smashed it, BRAPPPPPPPSSS!!!!! The look actually suits you too 🙂 … keep up the creative work hon, much love xoxox

    RIP to your second daddy.. xo

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