Eye spy… Complimentary colours for your eyes!

Hey everyone. How are y’all doing today? Thanks for poppin’ back, I am glad you came.

I used to love collecting the colour charts from paint shops and thinking about complimentary wall colours for my room. Yes, I really was that girl who picked up loads of those little strips with everything from Cyan to Sky Blue or Pomegranate to Milkshake pink. Never did I think that I would be using that experience to help me blog about eye make-up for different eye colours.

Here is the thing! No matter what your eye colour I say you can wear any colour shadow you want. What I am going to do is tell you some of the best colours to accentuate your beautiful eyes. Really help them stand out. The products don’t have to be powder eye shadows either. They can be cream shadows, coloured liners, mascara etc. You do not have to limit yourself.

So whether you have brown, blue, green, hazel, grey or a unique blend of all, my little chart should help you along the way.

Eye Colour

Complimentary and Related Colours
Blue Bronze, Black, Grey, Lilac, Peach, Orange, Blue, Gold, Neutrals
Brown Green, Purple, Brown, Taupe, Black, Gold, Pastel, Neutrals
Green Pink, Purple, Burgandy, Brown, Red, Plum, Neutrals
Grey/ Hazel

Gold, Green, Purple, Neutrals

When looking at a colour chart or colour wheel look at the colour that best compliments.

Blue- OrangeGreen- RedBrown– Most colours/ Hazel ( gold, brown, green)-  Blue, Purple and Green

You can also use different tones of your eye colour to really make them pop. This work great with liners close to the lash line. Try the contrast of a complimentary colour for a more dramatic contrast.

A tip to remember especially if like me you have dark under eye circles or suffer from red and bloodshot eyes. A good concealer or foundation makes the skin look flawless and will not draw attention to places you do not want attention on.

If you find that your shadows are not intense enough, try using an eye primer or cream shadow as a base for a better colour pay off.

As always trial and error. When you are working with eye colours it is also fair to say work with your skin tone to find the best shade of the colours above that will suit you. I haven’t even started with cool, warm and neutral. That is for another day and another blog.

I hope you enjoyed this basic introduction.

Any questions feel free to get in touch!


TBH! xoxo



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