Blurred Liner…

Hey everyone!

Wanted to throw a simple look together with a lot of colour! London’s Notting Hill Carnival is weeks away and I wanted to create an easy look that you can do at home. The emphasis is on the liner more so than anything else. It is fun, flirty, bright and captures the essence of Carnival. So put on some Soca music and have a go!

Before we get started, I get loads of questions about what eye shadow colours best compliment blue eyes or brown eyes etc. I am putting together a post that will hopefully answer that question in more detail. Although there are no real hard and fast rules with make-up, you always want to emphasise and bring out the best in your features. So stay tuned for that.

For this look, I worked with greens and golds and they compliment brown eyes!

Ok- here is the look! Brands in Bold and product names in Bold Italics!

Rhinestones and liner


  • I used a dark brown eye shadow from INGLOT on my brows. To give my brows that clean sharp look at the bottom, I used my MAC Concealer in NW45. On the top of that I used FOXY eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay.
  • As a bridge colour between the shadow on my lid and brow bone I used Brown Script by MAC. A warm reddish brown colour.
  • The gold colours on my lid are Half Baked and Smog at the outer corner. (UD Naked 2 Palette).
  • Green/ Turquoise liquid liner on the top lid  is  by WETNWILD. As there is gold shadow on the lid, it appears like it is a glitter liner but is actually not.
  • Bottom turquoise pencil liner is MAC Pro Longwear eyeliner in Mountain Air.
  • Ardell Natural Lashes 104
  • Rhinestones are from Hobby Craft.


  • Simple Light moisturiser
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Truffle– no concealer under the eyes as this is a full coverage foundation
  • Blush was a no name product from a Christmas gift set.


  • Maybelline Colour sensational Pink Punch (great dupe for MAC’s Girl About Town which is my favourite colour ever!

So the rhinestones are optional and the looks below show them with a dramatic wing effect (as above) to something more simplistic (none on the corner of the eye).

Rhinestones on the outer corner

No rhinestones on the eye

If you have more lid space to play with you could cover your whole eye with rhinestones or glitter. You can be as bold or subtle as you want to. Have a go and send me a pic!  What about using the colours of your countries flag?

Have a spectacular day and an even more amazing weekend!


TBH! xoxo



5 responses to “Blurred Liner…”

  1. I love this! Great creativity xoxox

  2. so pretty! nice job!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie. Just trying to something a little different. Crossing my fingers for you for MAC! xoxo

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