Lipstick Junkie! Final week in pictures…

Sorry this is so late. I thought I had posted it already. Apparently not. Thanks for being so patient!

I really enjoyed this challenge. A lot more than I thought I would. Maybe because I got to actually use more of the colours in my collection. It taught me a lot also as I realised that my pink lip obsession goes further than I thought. I have so many colours that are similar and my sister and friends will benefit from the clear out that I will be doing. There were colours I forgot that I bought and some that were very much still unopened. I do love playing with colour on my lips and will try to keep using what is in my collection and not just my ‘everyday’ colours.

The last week is probably not as exciting as the earlier weeks as it was the run up to Christmas and I wasn’t as glamourous. Here they are… (for product details click on the link).

Day 22:

Day 22

Day 23:

Day 23

Day 24:

Day 24

Day 25:

Day 25

Day 26:

Day 26

Day 27:

Day 27

Day 28:

Day 28

Day 29:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 30

Day 31:

Day 31 Day 31

Thanks for coming along with me on this lip journey! I hope it has inspired you to try something new for your lips!

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TBH! xoxo


2 responses to “Lipstick Junkie! Final week in pictures…”

  1. Well done for completing your challenge! All the colours are gorgeous xo

    1. Thank you so very much sweetie! xoxo

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