Lipstick Junkie! Intervention Challenge Week 2 in pictures…

I’m a little late… pink kissed apologies!

Here are the pictures from week 2 of the challenge. I have still been sticking to it and only using what is in my collection.

As before. Click on the pictures for a full description of the products. If you missed week 1 click here!

You already know I like pink and some may look very much the same but I assure you they are each different in their own little way!

DAY 8:

Day 8...

DAY 9:

Day 9...

DAY 10:

Day 10...

DAY 11:

Day 11...

DAY 12:

Day 12...

DAY 13:

Day 13...

DAY 14:

DAY 14...

Stay tuned for week 3!

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TBH! xoxo


2 responses to “Lipstick Junkie! Intervention Challenge Week 2 in pictures…”

  1. Love the variations in color in these pics and pink is awesome! The Day 14 is cool, too!

    1. Thank you very much for visiting and not commenting. I do love pink lips but know I need to draw the line. Doing this challenge I realised how many of the same ones I have lol! I am going to post the final weeks today and have a special New Years one for tonight! xoxo

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