Beauty Talk…Interview with Ny!

A couple of months back I posted an ‘on location‘ blog about working with the gorgeously talented Nyomi Gray on the video set of her smash hit single ‘Trophy Boy’. I received so many questions about the make-up she wears and her beauty regime that I decided to interview her and get the answers directly.

Ny is naturally beautiful without any  make-up. On our first meeting, I thought how am I really going to make this chick more beautiful than she already is. What makes her more beautiful; however,  (there is a song in there somewhere) is that her personality and inner beauty is enchanting and engaging. I have done make-up for Ny on quite a few occasions now and I know what she likes, what she doesn’t and what features she wants to enhance. Who is she? Read our quick beauty talk interview to find out. It may just surprise you!

Natural Ny! Chillin' with no make-up!

Chillin’ with no make-up on…

1. Were you allowed to wear make-up growing up?

No and my mum was always natural so I had no clue.
2. How young were you when you started wearing or experimenting with make-up?
I had lip balms and nail art from about 9 but I first wore make up without it being a wedding at 15.
3. What is a beauty ritual that you do religiously?
4. As a performer do you feel any pressure to always be made-up?
I think you want to maintain a flawless look so I like wearing minimal make up like mascara and a little blusher rather than a full face as I prefer being natural and being me I’d probably rub it off by accident throughout the day.
5. Do you have a favourite make-up look?
I love simplistic flawless beauty and if I’m being wild then I like exaggerated eyes with one or two subtle colour eye liner and a false lash.
6. What make-up/ beauty products can you not do without?
Mac loose powder, nails by ‘youlovenails’ and mascara I use a few different ones.
7. Most extravagant beauty product? (skincare, make-up)
Individual lashes by ‘ibrows’ or a homemade body butter made with all natural stuff cocoa beans and plants.
8. Ever gone to sleep in your make-up?
I’m so bad at taking my mascara on but I always take another make up off or I can’t sleep.
9. Do you have a beauty icon?
Not really an icon but I think Mariah Carey and Megan Good are beautiful.
10. Any make-up don’ts?
Bright pink cheeks

Using the wrong shade of foundation
Strong colours on both eyes and lips together.

* Lip gloss or lipstick?

Gloss all the way

* Mascara or false lashes?
Lashes good ones
* Simple or dramatic make-up?
From the Album… Who is She…
From Ny's debut Album... Who is She
From the Trophy Boy video…
Trophy Boy video...Trophy Boy...
From the Who is She album release party…
Album release party...
Ny’s debut album ‘Who is She’ is out now (iTunes, Amazon, HMV… everywhere). You can find Ny at / on Twitter @nyofficial / Instagram, YouTube, Facebook also nyofficial.
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TBH! xoxo

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