The Beauty Holder…on location! Sydney Jo Jackson- London Streets!

I have barely had time to catch my breath since diving head first into my new Make-up Artistry career. It has been a real exciting ride of photo shoots, fashion shows, films, workshops and more. To say that I love it would be an understatement. From brides to busy moms, celebrities to up and coming singers, dancers, designers and everyone in between, The Beauty Holder is making moves.

Come along with me as I take you on location behind my very first music video.

Sydney Jo Jackson is a Brummie (from Birmingham) beauty who is a triple threat. She sings, dances and acts… and models too. I guess I can say she is more than a triple threat as she does all those things and much more. She has an infectious laugh and spirit that draws you in. She is very funny, goofy and considerate. In short, she makes people happy. Sydney is an online T4 reporter and is in the process of launching her singing and acting career. Her new single is a jazz, soulful pop blend that has a real London Street vibe. Shot on location in Camden Town it captures summer, happiness and fun.

I was fortunate enough to do the make-up for London Streets video. Make-up for film and television is slightly different as there is a lot to take into consideration such as lighting, location, camera, the effect you want and a lot more. The turnaround for changes can be vey quick and you may have to go from dramatic to subtle make-up in minutes. All in all, you should discuss treatments, mood boards and make-up options with the crew (including stylist/ hair) and artist before hand so you know what to expect.

This was my first video and there are many things I have learnt since then. I look at it and see certain things that I didn’t see on the day. It is all about learning and growing and I am so grateful I had this opportunity. Sydney is naturally beautiful so I didn’t have to do much. I will be doing a post on Sydney’s beauty regime and make-up favourites in the coming weeks. For now, here are some behind the scenes pics and also a link to the video.

London Streets- Written by Sydney Jo Jackson (@sydneyjojackson)/ Produced by Alan Emptage/ Directed and Edited by Lukas DiSparrow (@lukasdisparrow)/ Styled by Paul ITBOY Godfrey (@I_AM_IT_BOY)/ Make-Up by Donna-Marie Holder (@thebeautyholder)/ Leading male Danni Ressi (@danni_ressi).

You can find out more about Sydney on YouTube/Sydney Jo Jackson and on twitter and Facebook under the same name. She is starring in her first feature film- Krish and Lee. Release date to be confirmed. Keep your eye on her, she is a lovely person, beautiful inside and out and is going to do amazing things.

Here is the link to the video- London Streets!


TBH! xoxo


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