Five Minute Beauty…Eyes!

In the final instalment of this series, it is time for eyes. I have really enjoyed doing these posts. Not only because of the great feedback and support but because time is something precious to all. If we can save some time in our busy schedules, yes, even with make-up, then I am all for it.

When thinking about how I would focus on eyes, I thought about using the full five minutes for a dramatic eye look. I then challenged myself to keep to the theme of doing something simple. Simple still means beautiful and in this case natural looking too.

I have very dark under eye circles. Concealing them properly can change the whole look of my face. Combining concealer ( I used my foundation), pressed powder, eye shadow and mascara, this is how I achieved my 5 min beauty look. I also timed myself and the whole thing took just over 3 minutes. That includes brows and lip condition with vaseline.

  1. Start with that clean and moisturised face.
  2. Ensure you use an eye cream to really hydrate the under eye area. This will aid the concealer in not creasing or being sucked into the fine lines.
  3. Do your brows and condition your lips.
  4. Use your concealer of choice under your eyes and on the eye lids. I didn’t want a stark contrast between a light concealer and my skin, so I used my foundation. This was especially important as I didn’t put the foundation all over my face and it blended well into my skin. You can see I haven’t put foundation all over.
  5. Set it with your pressed or loose powder. Use a fluffy brush to sweep it over your eye lids. Blend well.
  6. Choose a brow highlight shadow and apply under the arch of the brows.
  7. Apply mascara.  You could use more of your time if you wanted to apply falsies.
  8. All done!

It really is that simple. Don’t be fooled because there are more steps than the other 5 minute looks I have done. You could break the look down and conceal only or apply shadow and mascara together. Hey! You could go all out and simply only apply mascara. It is all up to you. Try the look with a bright shadow colour but still try and keep it simple.

Here are the before and after shots.

Hope you have been inspired in some small way with this simple series. You are more likely to see me walking down the street with no make-up as in the first pic or with one feature on my face highlighted. The beauty comes from confidence inside and knowing that with even a smile (and some big hoop earrings) we are all beautiful.

TBH! xoxo


2 responses to “Five Minute Beauty…Eyes!”

  1. I’m so going to time myself one of these days! you make it sound so easy. Good job pretty girl xoxo

    1. Thank you Glemz! It really is that easy! You’re so beautiful and can easily do this xoxo

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