Five Minute Beauty … Blush about it!

This post/ series is gonna be a new take on an old challenge! I have seen loads of tutorials and the like where you complete your full face of make-up in 5 (five) minutes or less. This includes foundation, eyes, lips, blush, contour, highlight etc. Aimed at getting you out the door quickly without sacrificing your daily make up ritual.  I wanted to do a different spin on this for a couple of reasons…

  1. It’s summer time and the living is easy! Why not change up your everyday routine for the season.
  2. Natural skin is in! I say this a lot and I really do believe it. Give your skin a chance to shine!
  3. 5 mins is longer than you think! Why spend all that time rushing to perfect a full face when you can perfect and enhance one specific area.

Today’s 5 minute beauty is all about the power of blush! This is a look I have been wearing a lot lately. More so because I don’t wear foundation all the time but really because blush has the power to make you look healthy and fresh- even when accompanied with nothing else.

I know that many of you are gasping at the thought of not wearing foundation or some sort of coverage on your skin, lashes, smokey eyes and the rest.  I understand this will be a break from the norm but I dare you to try it…you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Start with clean and fully moisturised skin! You should have more time to spend on your skin if you are not doing a full foundation routine. Massage your moisturiser into your face and get that circulation going. You will probably start to see your cheeks flush without the blush. Bet you can already see the healthy glow!
  • Don’t forget your lips and brows! Apply a lip balm or vaseline to keep them soft. Note I didn’t say colour/ lipstick or gloss. This look is all about the blush. Brows frame the face so it is important to groom them accordingly. Try not to go overboard if you do a lot to your brows everyday. We want to keep it simple.
  • Do your hair! I find it easier to do my hair before my face as I can then really see what look I am going for. Decide on whether your hair will be down or off your face. You can then think about the intensity of the blush. When your hair is done you instantly feel more alive and glamourous-even with just moisturiser on. All my short hair ladies…don’t skip this step. Short hair is sexy hair!
  • Start Blushing! Look at your face shape so you can get the placement right. One of the comments I hear the most about blush is that it makes people look ‘clownish’. That means you are not applying it right! No offence to clowns by the way! The most intense colour doesn’t have to be on the balls or apples of your cheeks unless that is what you want.

Look straight in a mirror and feel for your cheek bone. Follow the bone along to your hairline and start from there. Pick up a little product to begin with. Place the brush or your fingers there and gently work circular motions towards the apples of your cheek. Run the brush along your temple next to the hairline- just above the corner of your eyes.

Everyone applies blush in a different way. Some people smile and place the blush from the apples outwards. Find a technique that works for you.

Here is my plain face with no make up at all just moisturiser. Apologies in advance.


Now here it is with full blusher. I intensified it for the camera.

I hope you see the effect with only blush and nothing else. I didn’t even do my brows.

This week I am going to focus 5 minute beauty on one area at a time. My aim is to inspire you all to focus your efforts on one area of your face and not to rush your natural beauty. Remember beauty is enhanced by make up… not dominated by it!

I can’t wait to see your looks. Enjoy!


TBH! xoxo


2 responses to “Five Minute Beauty … Blush about it!”

  1. I like! I’m going to try this one morning…. hmmm I need to decide whether I want a coloured blush or a bronzer. Decisions, decisions.

    1. Blush looks really good on you as does the right bronzer (just not too much shimmer)! A light wash over your freshly moisturised skin will be amazing! Let me know how it goes! xoxo

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