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The Beauty Holder offers the following services and assistance:

  • Beauty Coaching
  • Make-up lessons
  • Makeovers, unders and anything in-between
  • Make-up for special occasions (e.g. Bridal make-up, Parties, Proms, Graduation etc)
  • Assistance with shopping for make-up or beauty products
  • Seminars, Workshops and Team events

and much, much more!

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The Beauty Holder! Redefining YOUR Beauty! xoxo

6 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Hello,
    Indeed you made some great purchases and hope that you are enjoying them.I too adore lots of drug store products sold widely in the states and Canada.Occasionally I find the odd Milani gloss or Nyx in the UK market in amongst all sorts of random products.
    Milani secret cover is a favourite of mine and conceals under eye circles really well without a corrector underneath either.Some years ago primers were not mentioned at all and I applied it after my eye cream.It seems the older I get the more steps I am required to do but it worked back then so why would it not work now..It is all marketing and more ways to heighten company profits.
    When I am in the states the first place I go to is Target,then walmart Walgreens ulta and even the smaller pharmacies and dollar stores.I really enjoyed Maybelline define a brow(the skinny pencil)similar to Mac and they were discounted in the dollar store.I heard they were discontinuing them in the UK so when Infound them I took as many as I could and I have now run out.I think you still can buy it in Target though.
    I have no idea why they would discontinue a dupe of a high end brand.I have favourites in all lines even Hard Candy..I love the highlighter!
    I think if I lived in the states I could run on drug store alone.I am trying to use my Milani Liquif’eye only on special occasions as I can not bare to run out.
    I wanted to ask you a little about Beauty Joint would that be okay?

    1. You are right! These products add up and companies are in the business to make money so they know how to draw us in! I do love drug store products in the US and when I am there I take advantage of them and beauty supply stores! Of course you can ask a question. Hope I am able to help you! xoxo

  2. Hello Beauty Holder,
    Apologies for a delayed response I was admitted in to hospital for critical care as I have chronic disease and had a huge flare up.I will write to you via my own email account.When I look at your haul I knew every single product can you believe.You put a lot of effort in to what you do and I think you deserve more traffic.You have a lovely way of inviting people when you say what can I do for you?I certainly wish I had known you a year ago as I knew many ladies who were at different stages of cancer treatment.One 27 year old lady did not come out of her flat for 3 weeks and stopped going to her appointments..she had lost parts of her hair and her brows too and naturally could not bear to go out in public.This is just one example but there are many others.Truly,someone who has cancer and has become a recluse may be reading what I am writing right now.That woman will instantly relate to it and will see herself.
    Beauty Holder I wandered whether you might contribute to something?Would you do a video tutorial step by step demonstrating how to make a brow shape not just fill in as there is nothing to fill in…it is very hard to make the shape of a brow from nothing..sometimes it can take up to 2 hours to do this by which time frustration and despair kicks in and the person can not be bothered to get 5 mins of fresh air.
    This is becoming a heavy post and it may be too much for some people or even for yourself but someone who needs help and support will read this and you may be the person to help.If any one has any make up in particular brow products which they wish to part with then I know who to donate them too.There may be someone out there who has a huge make up collection and knows that there is too much for them to get through in their life time,they may decide that they can part with a product.It does not have to be expensive but make up makes women feel better.Every woman likes a blush,lipstick and mascara…and its the one thing a woman can hold on to.

    I think by now people will have discovered that a person with Cancer herself is writing this,Yes you are right…I was going to write from my personal mail but naturally this has happened but may be I was meant to reach out in this way.

    Yes,ladies please be happy with the brows and lashes you have…too short! too straight!not curling!!be content with each and every hair as we take it for granted and are never happy.I really hope that I have not struck you all with emotion but I hope its created a little awareness.
    I was going to privately ask Beauty Holder if she would do a tutorial targeted for us.
    Thank you all for listening and let’s not forget Taliajoy who lost her life to this dreadful disease.

    1. Thank you for such a touching message. I am sorry to hear that you were in hospital and I wish you nothing but health and happiness! I can only imagine how hard it can be but your words of encouragement to me and others show how caring and loving you are! I pray for your health and well being and that God will keep you. It
      will be my pleasure to do a tutorial for you as requested. Send me your email and I will contact you and we can discuss what you would like me to do. Thank you for asking, I am truly honoured that you not only checked out my blog but took the time to get in touch with me. That means so very much! I can’t wait to get your details to be in touch! xoxo

    2. P.s I am glad you decided to reach out to me. Cancer is not going to define you and I think the message that you are giving sends positivity and light to all of us. xoxo

  3. I also wanted to add,if you do not know her-Taliajoy was a beautiful young girl who had battled cancer since the age of seven,she passed away last week and she was just thirteen.A life that was lost when it had not even begun.She did not want to wear a wig and went on to make a bald head beautiful.She inscribed”Make up is my wig” on her beautiful bald head.
    Please google Angels For Talia for more on her life,her bucket list and her wonderful you tube make up tutorials.
    Lets all hope the family keep their hearts strong and get through this very very distressing time.Thank you all.

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