Straight… mini spotlight: Skintanical 🌱

Hey Loves, sending you all lots of love to start your week! In the run up to International Women’s Day tomorrow (8th March), I have some new product spotlights by two amazing women and their brands! First up is Skintanical.

Skintanical natural cosmetics has previously been featured here on The Beauty Holder, during blogmas and when they were formerly known as Smooth’d by Glemz. Now while the name might have changed the quality of the brand remains top tier. For an introduction to the brand, check out this post. As I have already done a review, this is more of a mini-spotlight on some of the new items Skintanical have added to their ever-growing line of skin goodness! As with any review, spotlight, you get my honest opinion, straight… no chaser. These products were purchased with my hard-earned coins and this post is not sponsored!

Skintanical got the goodness!

Skintanical loves on your skin in the sweetest ways with a variety of body butters, soaps, oils and more. They all compliment each other and leave your skin soft and deeply nourished. The products are both natural and vegan and come scented or unscented- just state your preference. It is not easy to get skincare right… but it’s clear to see (and feel) that Glemz has truly taken her time to nurture her brand.

I ordered 3 products: Coffee & Walnut body scrub (fave ❤️), Beautifully Blended body butter, and Skin Toning body oil (as part of a gift set).

The goods (what you need to know): I paid £25 (including postage) for all of the above in December 2021 as part of a Skintanical holiday special (bargain). However, individually priced, the products are beyond reasonable, especially for the size and product themselves. Please check out Skintanical’s instagram for detailed price points.

The products came thoughtfully packaged in an appropriately sized small box wrapped in tissue with a small amount of shredded paper along with branded Skintanical sticker and info card. We know our friends at Royal Mail handle a lot of goods, so even if they were a little heavy handed, the items were well protected.

I love ALL of the products but honey, that Coffee & Walnut body scrub… life-changing! I was shooketh when I tried it. It left my skin delicately glistening with a light layer of oil that my skin was grateful for. It was not drying and did not strip or irritate my skin like some scrubs have in the past. Hours later and my skin was still soft and silky. Seriously… you gotta try it! The Body Toning Oil (100ml) is super light and starts to sink into the skin almost immediately. It has a subtle scent and is long-lasting. The Beautifully Blended body butter (150ml) has been whipped real good (there is a song there) and has a luxurious richness to it. Using these products throughout the cold season has been a blessing, as my skin has not been as dry as it has in the past. There is a noticeable luminosity that is left on the body from all of the Skintanical products I have used thus far and I love that for me.

You can’t get a better product range thats good for the skin, planet (although there are some items that are not vegan) and your pocket. Remember that this is a lovingly-created small business, owned and operated by a Boss. Labels are made with paper so once wet will fade, peel etc., over time. And that is honestly the only comment I have in the interest of being transparent. I have not one complaint about the products and I love that not only for me but for Skintanical. Glemz continues to devote her time, energy and resources to developing a business that she has built with love and passion. It is always a proud moment when you see your friends win and win my girl Glemz is… with Skintanical.

Check them out on the links above. See what people are saying about the products (we are all saying the same thing… it’s amazing)! The Beauty Holder and Skintanical will be having a giveaway next week, so stay tuned to this blog for more info.

Up next Amelia Maysun Skincare!

Besos 💋

TBH xoxo


3 responses to “Straight… mini spotlight: Skintanical 🌱”

  1. Carolina Nyakila Avatar
    Carolina Nyakila

    😊 thank you

  2. Oh DM, you’ve rocked with me from the beginning and I cannot thank you enough. This review is everything! I’m so glad you love my products, and it’s why I continue to be consistent with the quality of products I make. I truly appreciate your honesty and unbiased view, thank you (x a million).

    Love you girl, oh and congrats on your blog standing the test of time. Let’s continue to uplift and support each other. Happy International Woman’s day, you inspirational woman, you 🖤👸🏾

    1. Thank you. I’m truly so proud! Happy International Women’s Day to you my love! May we continue to soar 🤍

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