Straight… No Chaser! 🌱πŸ’ͺ🏾 FIIT ME Eco Sportswear review!

Hey Loves! How are you? Yes, I want you to answer that, whether in the comments, quietly to yourself or to whoever you’re with. My blog intentions for this year have already been laid bare in previous posts, and so I am excited to keep the momentum going with one of my favourite features, reviews.

If you are new here, let me give you a little insight into how my ‘Straight… No Chaser’ reviews work. If a post is sponsored (I am gifted the product) then I will always make that clear by stating the obvious, such as #sponsored or #AD. Whether I am sent a product free or I purchase it with my own coins (non-sponsored content) you can be assured that you will always have my HONEST thoughts. The same goes for products/ brands owned and operated by friends and family. You will always get it ‘straight… no chaser’! DISCLAIMER: All items for this review have been purchased by me, there has been no influence personally or otherwise and all opinions expressed below are my own. This review is longer than usual as it involves clothing.

Today’s review features eco-sports apparel by FIIT ME. Straight out the gate, it was the sustainable, environmentally-conscious ethos that aligned well with my soul. With a fashion world, dominated by fast-fashion, and modern-day sweat shops (yes, I went there, as someone who used to frequently purchase from such places) FiitMe is throwing down the challenge gauntlet. They have created fitness/ everyday/ wear how and when you like clothing from recycled materials at affordable prices. I told y’all they ain’t here to play games.

Me pretending to work out in the gym 😩🌱πŸ’ͺ🏾

Why I love this brand!

FiitMe was spotlighted, during ‘blogmas’ on one of the 12 days of Christmas, where I was shouting out my friends small businesses/ brands. It is a fairly new and upcoming independent brand that you are gonna wanna know about. While I don’t know Renee, the super-cool, warm, and passionate owner personally, (I know her Pops), I was instantly drawn to the brand because of their values and her intentional drive to create real change. So, let’s start with those values, as they are part of the mighty fortress that FiitMe is founded on. Sustainability, Diversity, Comfort and Women Empowerment, are their core values that encompass inclusion, acknowledging difference, welcoming individuality, and championing EVERY and ALL bodies. This mantra is no easy feat when it is so easy to compare yourself to perfectly curated social feeds or when people with different abilities, conditions and needs (most people know I do not like using the word disability) are still being excluded and marginalised. Read on for a more detailed review on the products I bought from FiitMe Eco Sportswear.

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 5/5

Through the years, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of sportswear from ‘budget-friendly’ to ‘luxury’ (aka overpriced in some respects) brands. This includes sustainable items. I would say that FiitMe’s price point is affordable in today’s climate with prices that start from Β£5/ Β£10 (e.g., scrunchies and other accessories) to mid-range, such as tops/ bottoms (Β£20+) and hoodies for Β£50. What adds additional value for your money is the various discounts and sales that they regularly offer customers.

I’ve placed two separate orders, purchasing the mango sports bra and shorts (Β£45) and the Eco control long sleeve crop top and Eco power leggings (Β£50). I would consider this reasonably priced and have given it the highest score because the price is reflective of the quality (see below), brand ethos, and more. Thanks to Ms. Rona causing many people to work and workout at home over the last couple of years, everyone started selling sportswear and so yes, you can find leggings, tops and more cheaper, but do they measure up on quality, durability, and saving the planet?

Packaging: 5/5

Your items will have been carefully sealed in acid- free tissue paper (recyclable/ reusable) and shipped in a branded FiitMe recyclable and biodegradable 🌱 mailer with a thank you card. Check out the video below from FiitMe’s instagram to see the packaging process for yourself. I am one for simplicity, so let’s not do excessive and toxic mail stuffers like foam peanuts. As long as the item arrives without damage, I’m good, although that is more of a discussion for the mail carrier. Don’t expect any paper return labels, receipts or other unnecessary documents, as they are all managed electronically.

FiitMe’s packaging process…

Product: 4.75/5

For a new brand, FiitMe has gone a long way to invest in top quality materials that sculpt and fit the contours of the body. My mid-40s body is certainly different from my pre-baby 20 year old body and this brand celebrates every body. I purchased the above products in Nov and Dec 2021 and have been putting one set through their paces ever since so that I could really see how they measure up. They have been worn to the gym, running errands, and everything in between. They have been machine-washed and dried a whole lot to see if they can handle real life. And yes, they have endured my sweaty and heavy weight sessions multiple times a week, and I can confidently say they are certainly comfortable and resistant. The colours have remained as vibrant as they day I received them and the fabric has not lost its elasticity.

Tops: The long-sleeve crop top has the thumb openings, which you either love or hate. It also means it provides some hand callus protection if you do lift. As someone who is top-heavy, I like the thick band on the crops and sports bra. However, I did find on occasion that the band would flip over on itself when I would bend and lift (crop top only). This wasn’t all the time and nothing that was unbearable. It didn’t rise up, so there was no chance of indecent exposure, but the material on the body of the sports bra is slightly thinner (assessed from try-on only), and looser so you may have to wear an additional sports bra underneath. The fabric on the crop top is thicker, and feels more secure on the body. Depending on how you like your fit and also whether you have a larger bust, I would follow the same advice and consider wearing a sports/ regular bra for additional support.

Bottoms: I’m about 5ft 6 inches tall and the leggings reach just below my ankles. The leggings have a wide, soft waist band, so you can wear it high-waisted or fold it over to show off that mid-section. I have a smaller waist compared to my hips and lower body area, so the waist band would sometimes fold over when lifting or doing squats. I think if I were to size down this would not be an issue, so make sure to check the sizing. Overall, the leggings fit like a dream, they are soft to the touch and on the skin. You don’t have to keep pulling them up either (result πŸ‘πŸΎ). Shorts were try on only- read on to the end to find out why but were a great fit on my butt and thighs, loose on the waist, as previously explained that is not a product complaint but just the way my body is made up.

There is no annoying bobbling under the arms from rubbing or on the leggings from chaffing/ rubbing (hey, I got thick thighs) so far, nor is there any camel-toe or see- thru issues with the bottoms. Look, I got all bases covered! The branding is small but visible in a contrasting colour, and has yet to start fading or peeling even after several washes. The seamed stitch-work variation adds style to the look also. The paper/ material label in the clothing was a little annoying but you could just cut it out. A practical element such as pockets are missing from this first collection drop but from what I’ve seen it is on the horizon.


  • Size range XS-XL
  • A tree is planted for every order and they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint
  • They are passionate advocates for diversity! No matter your age, ability, condition or race.
  • They are about to launch ostomy support bags and their clothing is adaptable to support and ensure everyone is included.
  • Ships worldwide
  • No hassle paperless returns policy

I am not the fickle fashionista I once was and so I don’t value labels and names in the same way that I used to. However, I do expect quality, sustainability, first-class customer care and value for money (because she works hard for it, IYKYK). FiitMe ticked all the boxes. Renee was at the end of an email with any queries I had about sizing or anything else. Shipping was fast too. For a fairly new brand to go up against the sportswear/ lifestyle giants focusing on sustainability, without compromising high quality, they get my support every time. FiitMe cares about the environment and their customers. They are looking at novel ways to develop eco-sportswear that is reflective of the world we live in, without causing further harm to it or emptying your pockets. The clothes are cute and contemporary, comfortable and strong. If this is where they are at now, imagine how they will grow.

I know how much hard work goes into small businesses and Renee and her team have a fantastic brand that I pray goes from strength to strength. She is a beautiful soul who believes in making a difference, and she already is, just check out the many satisfied customers who no longer feel excluded because FIITME is for everybody!

You can find all things FIITME here: Website: | Instagram: fiitmelimited definitely check them out, you won’t regret it. They are having a clearance sale on some of the summer collection- what are you waiting for!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: I mentioned above that the mango shorts and crop top were try on only and that is because I will be giving them away! Look out for tomorrow’s post to find out more.

That’s it for the first review of the year! It was a long one but we had a lot to get into. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out FiitMe Eco- sportswear and tell them The Beauty Holder sent you! If there is anything else you wanna know that I did not cover, drop me a message below. Until tomorrow loves!

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo


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