‘Blogmas’ day 12 ๐ŸŽ„| Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Makeup Artist Spotlight

Hey Loves, welcome to ‘blogmas’ day 12! We made it to the final chapter. No more seeing that pic of me in my Christmas onesie with the words ‘blogmas’ blazoned across it. I really enjoyed this short burst of posts on my blog where I could rave about some really awesome people and their businesses/ brands/ services. This blog has always been about sharing. Sharing often seems like a chore or something that is way down on the to-do list, especially when it involves people we know. Supporting one another, without expectation of something in return may seem unimaginable in this ‘social media’ world, but it should never be out of fashion and always done with the best intentions. Thank you for checking out the posts on beauty, fashion, entertainment, clothing, fitness, inspiration and more for the last 11 days. It is my hope that you will not only reach out and connect with these small businesses and support them but also that those featured might collaborate with each other too.

I didn’t feature all of the small businesses I know- a heartfelt sorry to those who I may have unintentionally forgotten. I will certainly be shining the light on you and more amazing ventures in the coming year (Lord willing). In the meantime, if you know a brilliant brand or want to share a special service then I encourage you to do it (it’s free) and it may just be the break someone is in need of. It seems fitting to close the series off with a few makeup artist (MUA) friends. I am fortunate to know some seriously talented people in the beauty industry and I wanted to briefly give them their flowers. Not all are still in the profession and some are taking some well-deserved time out to focus on other things so check out the links (if available) for more info.

Julia Carta@juliacarta – Julia needs no introduction as she is the Pro Makeup and Hair genius who glams up your favourite stars and has done for more than 20 years. Her extensive knowledge of all things beauty and skin and undeniable skill has her as one of the most sought after and respected people in the industry. If it wasn’t for Julia, I wouldn’t have had the chance to work on The X Factor a few years ago. A mentor and friend, I am truly grateful for all that I have learnt under her instruction and the life-changing opportunities she has passed my way.

Image Credit: @juliacarta

Judy @bijou_makeup – Judy was part of the MUA team that Julia put together for The X Factor and has gone on to carve out her own beauty business as the CEO of Lana’s Beauty Box. She is an extremely talented MUA who loves a smokey eye and cut crease and all things glam!

Image Credit: @bijou_makeup

Loren Owen @lorenowen_makeup – Another member of the fab team who worked the above show under Julia, Loren’s makeup artistry has graced celebrities on red carpets, magazines and more.

Image Credit: @lorenowen_makeup

Carly @carly.makeuphair– Yep, you guessed it, another one (*DJ Khaled Voice*) from the same show (lol). Carly is a freelance Italian makeup and hair stylist professional available for weddings and private clients.

Image Credit: @carly.makeuphair

Mica @thedollface_x – Mica is a MUA, content creator and owner of ‘Mademoiselle Femme’ a beauty and fashion accessory brand. She can beat a face to perfection and has a gallery of content and beautifully made up clients.

Image Credit: @thedollface_x

Paloma@muapaloma -Last but by no means least is Paloma. I have no doubt you will have seen her stunning work everywhere. She is an international bridal and freelance MUA that is always booked and busy. She is also the owner of PDM Cosmetics.

Image Credit: @muapaloma

Special mentions to Pam, Nathalie, Ingy, Pria, Amelia, Natalie, Afrolion, Sara, Tabby, Pheobe, and all of the other talented MUAs that are not mentioned. As mentioned some are taking a break or focused on other interests. I also want to holla at Karen and Liane on nails, who deserve a spotlight all of their own- coming soon. I am especially grateful to Karen for supporting me as a MUA and also providing me with some dream jobs. Shout out to you all- you are such wonderful people and truly talented artists.

… and just like that (no spoilers here, IYKYK) ‘blogmas’ is over. I hope you enjoyed this post and indeed all of the others in the series. You will find all of the posts below this one and links to those featured. Please support them!

Until the next post!

Besos ๐Ÿ’‹

TBH xoxo


One response to “‘Blogmas’ day 12 ๐ŸŽ„| Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Makeup Artist Spotlight”

  1. I really loved this… I loved how you are celebrating and empowering woman. I can’t wait to check them all out on social media too!

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