‘Blogmas’ day 9 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Media and Entertainment Edition (part 2)

Hey Loves, we on the final stretch of ‘blogmas’ and I’m kinda sad about it to be honest. It has been my escape in many ways from the madness of the world. I pray that you are all staying safe physically, emotionally and mentally. Stay close to your loved ones and don’t be afraid to reach out, even if the distance is great or much time has elapsed. We need each other now!

‘Blogmas’ has been my small way of showcasing some of the small and independent businesses, services and brands operated by friends and family. Posts are NOT SPONSORED- just me sharing with love. Maybe one of today’s awesome peeps will give you some ideas for gifts or more. We are combining media and entertainment today, check out the previous posts by clicking the links above. All other ‘blogmas’ posts can be found as you continue to scroll down below.

Fabian Jones Photography @fabjonesphotog – If it wasn’t for teaming up with Fabian (and the third member of the #clique Cut2Williams) when I first started out as a MUA, my work may not have appeared in some of the acclaimed publications we have been featured in #blessed. Fabian is an award-winning, internationally published photographer who isn’t scared to push the limits of creative imagery. While he is well-known for his glamour and intimate shoots, Fabian is an experienced fashion, commercial and editorial photographer and lighting specialist. He has been building his real-estate empire for the last couple of years but is back in the game and ready to shoot you. I have the best time on set with Fabian plus you know he’s gonna help you create pure fire! If it is time to update your portfolio then get at the homie Fab. You can see more of his amazing work here. You’ll also be able to get the handle for his glamour page on the same link. Disclaimer: Please note the glamour images may not be suitable for your place of work so please exercise caution. Body shaming or comments regarding glamour models will be blocked and deleted.

Image Credit: @fabjonesphotog

Sydney Jo Jackson@sydneyjojackson – Name sound familiar? It should do because SJJ is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model, performer, actress, presenter, and more. She is the big curly haired blonde with an even bigger personality. Sydney has a wild and infectious spirit, which she channels into her lust for life. She isn’t afraid to pursue her dreams and does so with a tenacity and vulnerability that I have always admired. We met on the set of a movie and she entrusted me as the MUA for the video to her song London Streets. It is always a party when Syd is around. Her passion for music continues to see her work all over the world as a singer/ songwriter (@sydneyjojacksonmusic) and she is known to get naked in pics for fun (hey… nakedness is freedom as we say). So if you need a model for your next shoot or a talented all-round performer, check out my girl Sydney Jo Jackson, she’s someone you won’t forget.

Image Credit: @sydneyjojackson

Quason Matthews @quasonmatthews – Like his insta bio says, ‘he directs, shoots and edits things’ but he is being humble. Quason is a director extraordinaire and to be honest that statement doesn’t fully do his talents justice. He is one of the kindest and most inspirational people you will meet with a wholesome aura. Quason’s work ethic is beast mode and he will not stop until he creates a work of pure art. I was fortunate to meet and work with him on a music video shoot and have seen his visionary artistry first hand. He also has a clothing brand (@from.the.cold).His cinematography is unmatched, click here to see why I say that with confidence. Quason continues to make big moves, without compromising who he is, and in this industry, that speaks volumes. Now when are we gonna get those YouTube tips back Q?

Image Credit: @quasonmatthews

Big City Visions- @bigcityvisions – Last and certainly not least is Mr. Anderson himself. It is a proud moment when someone you have known for many years is realising their dreams. Ian is such a fresh photographer, where even his candid shots look like staged perfection. There is an old-school vibe that underpins his craft, which I find unique and refreshing. The swag and style in his pictures isn’t something you’re gonna find anywhere, take a look for yourself. His portfolio is a mix of faces, places, and more that you can’t help but stare at. You’re likely to be transported into the image, creating your own story through his creative lens. Looking for someone to help you create your big vision? Big City Visions is eyes and camera lens (naturally) ready. Click on the links above for his instagram and website.

Image Credit: @bigcityvisions

And just like that… we end another post. I truly hope you enjoyed it. Even though across all of these posts you are being introduced (or reacquainted) with people in the same field, they all offer their own unique and individual style. That’s what shapes their brands and businesses. Please don’t be afraid to check them out, give them a follow or hit them up if you are interested or in need of any of their services.

See you tomorrow loves!

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo


2 responses to “‘Blogmas’ day 9 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Media and Entertainment Edition (part 2)”

  1. I’m really enjoying this series 😊 I hope to see you post more, of course if time permits. Stay blessed sweets xo

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. You continue to be such a true supporter of my blog and I’m so grateful you’ve been riding with me this long! Thanks love ❀️ xoxo

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