‘Blogmas’ day 8 ๐ŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Health and Fitness Edition (part 2)

Hey Loves! Are you still with me? I hope so… because we are on day 8 of ‘blogmas’ sharing more awesome small and independent businesses and creatives. Although these are friends and people I know personally, these posts are NOT SPONSORED and just my way of shining a light on some brilliant brands. The health and fitness edition is such a popular field, we needed a part 2… don’t forget to check out part 1 here, and all of the other days of ‘blogmas’ so far under this post.

Millies Treats @milliestreats_ – The importance of wellbeing is a regular subject on my blog and Millies Treats is deeply invested in helping you mind, body and soul. Millies Treats is operated by a licensed therapist whose focus on massage therapy and wellbeing is paramount to achieving complete wellness. She offers a variety of treatments including her signature ‘Sea Moss Facial‘ and ‘Swedish Massage‘ and is also a ‘Lymphatic Drainage Specialist‘ – yes she can remove the blockages that are causing toxic build-up in your system. Millies Treats uses all natural products and ingredients and has created a unique, wholesome and holistic experience to health and wellbeing. Her peaceful atmosphere, highly professional standards (such as cleanliness and knowledge) are just some of the reasons she is in such demand. I am beyond proud of my ‘first’ daughter and what she has created with her passion for life and wellbeing. Millies Treats is a brand determined to show you why your health is wealth. For full details of services, products, and prices, please contact Millies Treats on the link above or here.

Image Credit: @milliestreats_

Rys Fit @rys_fit – I told you on ‘blogmas’ day 6 when we gave props to his apparel line @rys_athletic that the homie Rys would be back. As a sports mentor and fitness trainer Rys is who you need to know if you are serious about your physical and overall health. He has years of experience and wants to help you understand why consistency and mindset are key to unlocking your lifestyle change. We are not talking ‘quick-fix’ or ‘fad diet’ but honesty, clean-eating and hard-work. He’ll get you outdoors for some fun and interesting sessions and indoors lifting heavy. If you want to realise and sustain your fitness goals then now is the time. Find out what your body is capable of. Give him a shout to find out more- you’ll thank me later!

Image Credit: @rys_fit

Joanna Taverner- Averkiou @sixfootblonde77 – If you’re in need of a posing coach or choreographer then you’re gonna need one of the best- Jo. She has coached and trained award-winning clients for years and understands the world of fitness on an intimate level. She is a trained dancer so knows the inner workings and limits of the body (physical and mental) and will help you achieve and exceed your own expectations. She was always the last one with me on the dance floor from our nights out in the ends (many years ago). Her expertise and knowledge of body building and physique training is highly sought after and she is a regular speaker and presenter at fitness expos across the country. If you are interested in fitness modelling or bodybuilding competitions, then you need someone with stage presence and Jo has that ample supply. Find out more about what Joanna can do for you on the link above or by clicking here.

Image Credit: @sixfootblonde77

Let’s give a hand to today’s features. Y’all are doing this thing and I am so proud. Please use the links above to find out more and get in touch if you are interested in their services and products.

See you tomorrow… only a few more days of ‘blogmas’ left.

Besos ๐Ÿ’‹

TBH xoxo


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