‘Blogmas’ day 7 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Entertainment Edition

Hey Loves, welcome to day 7 of ‘blogmas’, where I give props to my friends who have small, independent businesses and services. We are covering everything from beauty and fitness to inspiration and clothing brands and everything in between. Some of today’s shout-out’s are not so much gift ideas than they are some light relief and entertainment. Remember we all need to make sure we invest in our mental health and find time to slow down. So how about some entertainment? Then look no further than the following:

Come Box with Chann @come_box_with_chann – Now let’s be clear Lady Chann is a musical legend, check her resume but we are here to big up one of her latest ventures. ‘Come Box with Chann’ is dope boxing commentary and content. It’s that simple. Chann is hilarious and throughly entertaining and you know she’s going straight for the jugular. She’s pulling all the punches (yep, I can do this all day) and will say it with her chest. If you’re familiar with her lyrical prowess then you can expect that and more from the ‘Dun Dem Season‘ Queen. Chann has been my boo since she entrusted me to do makeup for a couple of videos and is one of the funniest people I know, so if you love boxing (shucks, I don’t but ‘come box with Chann’ is quality) then check out her YouTube – you will not be disappointed. She also has merch available from her brand, ‘Dun Dem Season‘. For the Lady Chann crew… new music soon come!

Image Credit: @come_box_with_chann

Shade Mayhem @shade_da_engineer – Shade a triple + threat: Producer, DJ, and Mix Engineer so if you’re looking for beats and more, he’s your guy. He is my go to for the freshest baselines for my YouTube videos. With production credits for Keri Hilson, J.Holiday and more Shade is THE man you’re gonna wanna call. Did I mention he is a singer and songwriter too? That’s the + in the triple threat. You don’t need to be blood related to be family and for the many, many years I’ve know him, he’s been passionate about this music life. He’s based in ATL but loves to travel- he ain’t never too far from a studio. Check him out on the link above or find our more here.

Image Credit: shade_da_engineer

James KMT Leng @jameskmtleng – We know I’m a ‘Soca’ and ‘R&B’, lover and ‘Hip-Hop’ head fo’ life so it’s gonna take a lot to convert my musical tastes. Enter the man behind ‘The Neo and Indie Musical Shootout Show’ Leng. My longtime homie from our Niketown London (swoosh) days and before is serving up the sweetest ‘Neo-Soul’ and ‘Independent’ musical selections for your musical taste buds every Friday from 2-4pm. Alongside resident co-hosts, DJ Cookie and Peddazz, and a special guest DJ, Fridays with these guys is a vibe. Just so you know- this is not a clash! There are giveaways, merch, and pure niceness. The chat room is always poppin’ off and you’ll get put on to some music that you didn’t even know your soul needed. What better way to start your weekend. Check out their previous shows here. Make sure to set your alarms, and I’ll meet you on the lawn (in the chatroom) on Friday at 2pm.

Image Credit: @jameskmtleng

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please show some love and support to the peeps above- they deserve it and more. See you tomorrow for day 8!

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo


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  1. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for checking it out 😊

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