‘Blogmas’ day 6 ๐ŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021| Apparel/ Clothing Edition

Hey Loves, welcome to day 6! We’re at the half-way mark of 12 days of ‘blogmas’. If this is your first time joining us… welcome. I am doing something a lil’ different than the norm, showcasing some of the small businesses and brands that a few of my friends run. They are not sponsored and just a small way to support them and what they do. You may find some unique gift ideas through these posts or new services run by independent small businesses. Today we are doing apparel… and for those familiar with this blog, you know your girl is into clothing. So, let’s blog but make it fashion (I know, I know ๐Ÿ˜ฉ).

Dolly Rockin’ It @dolly_rockin_it – What’s not to love about a brand that embodies sisterhood and girl/ female empowerment? Dolly Rockin’ It is not new to this… they have been paving the way since 2014. With collections that include ‘classic’, ‘leopard‘, ‘Christmas‘, and ‘mini‘ for the mini-dolls in your life, Dolly Rockin’ It clothing will have you always insta-ready (if that’s your thing) or simply stepping out in style. Whether you’re a sweater girl or love a fitted tee, Renee ensures her brand is injected with comfort, fun and sass. It has been such a joy to see how she has built this brand on her own from the very beginning. With new collections and limited editions always on the horizon, you’re always gonna be on trend with Dolly Rockin’ It. You can shop the full collections on their site here, doll!

Image Credit: @dolly_rockin_it

Rys_ Athletic @rys_athletic – You’re gonna remember the name as the homie Rys is gonna be featured twice during ‘blogmas’. Rys_Athletic has all your fitness apparel needs covered and then some, including custom fits. Created by a sports mentor, this brand understands the importance of quality fitness clothing. His understated and sleek style is available in apparel and accessories for men, women and children, in various styles and colourways. As mentioned, he also does custom orders so if you got a unique idea or design in mind then holla at him on the link above for more info and look out for him in part 2 of the health and fitness edition later this week.

Image Credit: @rys_athletic

Fiit Me @fiitmelimited – You do not have compromise on quality to be a diverse, sustainable brand, just ask Fiit Me, eco sportswear for everyone. I truly appreciate and welcome the ethos behind this brand lovingly crafted by Renee. Her focus was to create eco-friendly, durable, high-quality sportswear and she has achieved just that. Fiit Me is a fairly new, exciting, and innovative brand that cares about the environment and world we live in. They are champions of women empowerment, inclusivity and diversity and representation- regardless of age, condition, ethnicity or any of label that is used to ‘define’. Y’all know my mantra is ‘representation matters’ and Fiit Me embody that. I have been obsessed with my lemon short set since I ordered and it has been the envy of many in the gym. I have a more in-depth review coming up on this brand soon so stay tuned. So, if you’re looking for brilliant fitness apparel that is not just all talk but certainly all action then head over to Fiit Me, where a tree is planted for every order placed (tell me you don’t love that).

Image Credit: @fiitmelimited

I hope you enjoyed these fantastic brands! Please take some time to find out more about them using the links above. Well done and congratulations to all the hard-working independent creatives behind these brands. I’ll see you tomorrow for day 7.

Besos ๐Ÿ’‹

TBH xoxo


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