‘Blogmas’ day 4 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Ideas 2021 | Food Edition

Hey Loves, day 4 of my 12 days of ‘Blogmas’. I’m about to write more posts in the next 12 days than I have in the last couple of years 😢 but every bit is progress. Shout out to all of you who have been checking in, sending love, sharing, supporting and much more. It is truly appreciated! Days 1-3 are below this post, so please check them out to learn more about some awesome small business/ brands. Apologies that this disclaimer may be repetitive but just a reminder that these ‘blogmas’ posts are not sponsored and just me spotlighting some of my friends services and products. You are likely to find some brilliant gift ideas and support a small business at the same time. I know I have readers from all over the world (blessed πŸ™πŸΎ) and so don’t worry I have some peeps to shout out in Dubai and the US also, so stay on the look out.

It’s the weekend (yay!) and so what better services to feature than food (today) and lifestyle/ inspiration (tomorrow). If you are new to my blog (welcome) then you won’t know that I am a proud vegan. And it is by sheer coincidence that the homies I am spotlighting today are vegan 🌱 . You do not have to be vegan, however, to appreciate and salivate over the goodness that they are cooking up in the kitchen. I am so incredibly proud of them both so let’s jump right in… hope you’re hungry πŸ˜‹.

Leah’s Place @leahsplaceuk – You say you want vegetarian and vegan food with soul? Then you gotta check out Leah’s Place. She is the chef that puts love and happiness into every dish, which means you get it in every bite. Home cooked goodness in abundance with a variety of dishes such as ‘ital curry‘, ‘mac & cheeze‘, and ‘not fried chik’n‘. The names alone have my mouth watering. Leah has opened up a cozy 100% vegan spot in Wolverhampton that has good vibes, delicious food and sweet cakes and bakes. We met through blogging and it was clear that her culinary passion was gonna take flight! Leah’s Place has their festive Caribbean dinner menu available now, every Saturday until Christmas so if you’re local or are gonna be in the area pop in and check them out. Click on the link above for more info. Now, I wonder if I can justify a weekly trip to Wolverhampton for ‘study purposes’… hey I’m gonna need her food for brain power!

Image Credit: @leahsplaceuk

Prep by Chef @prepbychef – So you know who’s making my birthday cake this year- the ex-patisserie maestro that is #PrepByChef. Literally as sweet as her cake creations, my homegirl Shannon is straight fire when it comes to sweet treats. She goes beyond creative boundaries with her art and flavours and can whip it up in the kitchen with the very best of them. Prep by Chef’s finishing touches on every single cake and cupcake are sheer perfection. You can read the reviews first hand on the link above. Now while her cake artistry is first-class, she throws down the savoury food gauntlet too. From vegan brioche buns to vegan bbq ‘ribs’, she ain’t here to play games. We talking lick your fingers and return for 3rds, 4ths and 5th servings (don’t tell my trainer) of her homemade deliciousness. She has come a long way from her hair and make-up days (and yes, she smashes those too). If you’re in the Croydon area or can travel for pick up, then hit her up.

Image Credit: @prepbychef

There you have it. You’re gonna want to keep both Leah’s Place and Prep by Chef on speed dial for your vegan goodies. Their pages are filled with ‘lick your screen’ goodness… (but please don’t). Also, don’t forget to ask them about catering events too. Good food puts you in a good mood and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! 😊

See you tomorrow loves!


TBH πŸ’‹ xoxo


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