Details. Primary Bedroom Refresh πŸͺ΄!

Hey Loves!

Details. This is a mini-home series detailing some of the recent home refresh/ revamp/ renovations en mi casa over the past year.

At the start of the pandemic last year (2020), most of us found ourselves in varying states of ‘lockdown’. Here in the UK, that first lockdown began in March to June/July when stores, beauty services and more were allowed to reopen. For some reason (read ‘procrastination’) between homeschooling, work and my masters, I decided it was a good time to redecorate. I already had paint, as I was planning to make some changes at some point, so clearly my MSc dissertation could wait… right? I kid, I was doing it at the same time- if you know me, you know I don’t play about my studies.

I can’t stay exactly when I noticed my style changed. You only have to look at some of my older videos on YouTube to see how different this room looks now. Yes, the primary bedroom has doubled as my studio, writing lab (and other things from the very beginning). The only four (4) things I was sure of with this space was it needed to be: clean, classic, fresh and bright. Four (4) is my lucky number!

So here is a little look at some of the details in the primary bedroom refresh. It is not the whole room, which is pretty big- we need to keep some things personal πŸ˜‰Some of the items were repurposed from what I already had, others were delivered during lockdown and some were picked up once stores reopened.

Reading Nook…

This area used to have the bright orange wall that was home to my makeup space and desk. I sold my IKEA drawers, desk and chair on Shpock- they were seriously hot property. They were replaced with the following:

Chair: IKEA armchair | Corner shelving unit : Dunelm | Cushion and Throw: IKEA | Clothes Rack: Amazon | Shelving: IKEA | Ficus Plant: Local gardening centre | Plant stand: Mom | Faux Plants/ flowers: IKEA | Frames: IKEA

Lamp: Wilko Prints: Desenio, The Poster Store, Various other sites | Clear Vase: found in my loft

Dressing Table…

The old recliner and shelving unit used to occupy this space. It was the prime location to watch TV, which is no longer in the room. Yep, the bedroom TV is gone, who has time to watch it anyway?

Dresser: IKEA | Wall tiles: Amazon | Mirror: Dunelm | Frames: IKEA, Next, Charity store | Book (must read): Amazon


All of the old acrylic storage that used to proudly display my unnecessary masses of makeup (best believe I still have all my lipsticks… you thought) are gone. I still know where everything is.

Storage containers: IKEA | Vase: IKEA | Faux Peonies: TK Maxx | Perfume Tray: Old jewellery tray- repurposed with Black ribbon | Wig heads: ebay | Frames: Poundland and IKEA | Wigs: Marvin Francis @hairbyhim4life_ (always).

Gallery Wall…

New York will always be home.

Frames: IKEA | Prints: Desenio


Walls were given a double coat of white matt paint. Fun fact… I despise gloss paint.

Large corner mirror: IKEA | Black Queen Prints : @dacre8iveone via Redbubble | Curtains: IKEA | Tray: IKEA | Lampshade: IKEA | Plant pot: IKEA | Palm: Morrisons

For those wondering why there is a whole lotta IKEA?! Well, it was my first job in this country, and I can put a flat pack together like no other. Shout out to the original red shirt/ blue pants wearing IKEA crew!

IKEA old school!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Next month check out the kitchen piece inspired by my Sissy and Bro-in-law that led to a whole kitchen renovation that took 5 months 😩!

Sending love and Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo


2 responses to “Details. Primary Bedroom Refresh πŸͺ΄!”

  1. Love the decor. You may have found yourself a new passion as a stager! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Sis. I don’t know about stager just yet! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

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