My ‘natural’ Valentine… 🖤

Hey Loves,

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet! Whether you celebrated the ‘day of love’ with a significant other or sang Single Ladies’ with the same passion as Sacha Fierce (Yes… that’s Beyoncé) I hope you enjoyed it!

For a member of #TeamOverdressed it was another reason to dress up and I think it’s clear I don’t need many of them! Believe it or not… this is my ‘act natural’ outfit as clearly I belong in the old Hollywood era… hey, indulge me a little! Outfit, hair and makeup details below!


I know I have been slacking on the makeup related posts but I’m working on it. For this look, I used only 5 items! Let me know if you want a step by step. It is less about what you use and more about technique!

Lips: Colorpop x ILuvSarahII in Arriba ( This red is delicious on all skintones)! It is a matte liquid lipstick that is a little drying so make sure to moisturise those lips!

Face: For my concealer (undereyes, brow cleanup) Fenty Beauty in 430. Didn’t put it all over my face.

Beauty Holder Beauty Tip: If you spot conceal the areas you need to correctly (e.g dark circles) and blend well, you can achieve a full face look without actually applying foundation all over- especially when you add a statement lip!

Brows/ Eyes / Cheeks : I used a dark brown powder to fill in the sparse areas and it was also what I used on my eyes and cheeks as a contour blush! It was a no name cheap powder. Sorry I don’t have the name. I also used the Mary Lou Manizer (highlight) by The Balm cosmetics on my cheeks and eyes.

It’s all about dual or multi purpose!

Lashes: Huda Beauty Samantha #7

These lashes are at least 3 years old and have been washed and reused so many times. I have cut and trimmed them too!


Dress: Majestic Sequin Dress | Fashion Nova | Small |

This dress is so comfortable and seriously so much prettier than the pics make it appear. It is slightly risqué as it has two thigh high slits on each side! The tulle adds the romance and flows beautifully. The sequins on the top can be a little sharp and kept pulling on my ponytail but all in all this dress is amazing!

The straps cross in the back and so you won’t be able to wear a bra without it showing. Sorry I didn’t get a pic. The straps are adjustable so they can keep it all the way together if you know what I mean.


Hair: Freetress Ponytail Caracas Girl | Local Beauty Supply Store | Drawstring ponytail with two slides. I simply slicked my natural hair back and clipped the ponytail on. Braid and pull apart for a ‘messy’ look.

It’s about whatever makes you comfortable and pretending to be a black swan clearly is how I am most ‘natural’! Whatever you do… just be YOU!

A HUGE thank you to my Lola, Pam for being my photographer again! You always seem to keep me laughing. You capture me at my craziest and somehow it works because we know I ain’t no model! Love you Lolsi ❤️

Thanks for coming back. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you in my next one!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


5 responses to “My ‘natural’ Valentine… 🖤”

  1. Love the look and the Rapunzel let down your hair look

    1. Thank you lovely! The hair was my fave as I haven’t rocked a ponytail in a while! Thanks for your lovely comment xoxo

  2. Oh my giddy giddy aunt!!!! what a Godess!!!! Happy love day to to you too Miss thang!!! You look absoutely breathtaking!!!! One your best dresses my love. Ps. I dropped my phone in the bath and it’s completely kaput. I don’t know if i’m relieved or annoyed that phone is cursed,.. loool anyway please email me with your mobile and I will send you the house phone. xxxx

    1. Hey love, just saw this. Wondered why I couldn’t get in touch with you. Will email you now. Thank you for the love. xoxo

  3. Hey Dee, did you receive my comment I sent a couple of days ago? I can’t seem to find it. Anyways I mentioned that this is one of my favourite dresses to date my love. You look absolutely stunning!!! Did you wear that on Valentines day?

    Dee I also dropped my phone in the bath and it is permanently damaged. I’m so annoyed, I’ve got everything on there. Anyway please can you email your mobile/landline to my email address, I miss you loads and cant wait to see or catch up with you. All my love and prayers… Your twin xxx

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