My ‘interim’ desk tour 📚📝✒️!

Hey Loves,

Hope you’re all doing awesomely awesome! Something a little different today… and gasp it is not Halloween related 👻!

I have been blogging on and off since 2012. I was seriously hot on it during the first year and a half and then life interrupted in many ways. I have spoken often about how much I love blogging but I know the inconsistency bothers me and no doubt you kind people who have supported me along the way. I have made more of a conscious effort recently and hopefully, I am on track with a schedule that works. I am probably more sporadic that your average blogger but hey… that’s what makes me, ME!

One of the first gifts I received when I started blogging hard, was a desk and chair so I had a dedicated space to pursue this passion. As I sit here now at this very desk, touch typing this post I can see a growth that I don’t often give myself credit for. That is all about to change!

What the last paragraph was saying in the most roundabout way is that I have outgrown my blogging, vlogging, studying, planning space which also doubles as my makeup table! My make-up was taking up most of the space so I bought a bookcase and additional storage for that but the space is still pretty cramped so operation desk overhaul is in full effect.

I figured I would show you my current set up, a minimal planning smorgasbord of what I need to get by. My vision board has been taken down for the time being as I source new items to make a comfortable, inspiring setup that is the perfect mix of exactly what this blog’s strapline proudly states… beauty, fashion, lifestyle! Not forgetting a crazy planner chick who is addicted to stationery (send help).

Note well:

  • Seasons change- I love decorating my space according to the season and tend to switch out stationery and storage often. If not by seasons then by mood… (hey, I’m a Saggitarius).
  • I try and keep larger items stored under the desk which I will show in the next couple of months when I complete and reveal the new space.
  • Candles, plants, lighting, music and scented oil are everything in creating a calming atmosphere- (currently listening to Mariah circa 1999).
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive- unless you want it to. Your space can be budget friendly! Also consider repurposing items you currently have.
  • Your space is your story and message to yourself. As long as you love it and feel excited to create when you’re there then that is all that matters. Personalise it and make it all about you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Planner 2017 : Erin Condren | Stand: Rose Gold Cookbook Stand- John Lewis | Assorted Plants: Primark | Rose gold tea light holder (with pens)– Primark | Glass shot glass: Tiger |Flower: Accessorize | Diary/ notebook wire rack: Primark | Slogan bulldog clips: Homesense |Room diffuser: Primark | Assorted Notebooks: Homesense, TJ Maxx, Target, Ross  | Candle: TJ Maxx | Go your own way frame: New Look | 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Remember this is the ‘before’… and I will be back with an updated desk and beauty space tour in the new year!

See you tomorrow with a fashion post! Thanks for your support loves!

TBH 💋 xoxo


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