My skincare​ basics 2017!

Hey Loves,

Starting this week off with purpose. I woke up refreshed and happy with a new spirit to attack the week. My workload is full to capacity for a number of reasons but I’m blessed and my brows are cooperating today so hey 👌🏾

If you follow my Instagram and FaceBook socials then you will know that I will be uploading new posts here all week (*YAY*)! Why? Sometimes because I want to is enough of an answer! So first up… skincare! Next to diet and exercise it is what I am asked the most and my regime is currently real basic.

In fact, my routine consists of mostly natural products you find in your pantry! Yup, I’m still using oats and lemon to exfoliate and believe me it works like a charm! One of the biggest reasons for this is part of my journey as a Vegan and not wanting to support brands that are not cruelty-free.

Please note these concoctions work for me and my skin type. I would refer you to a qualified esthetician or dermatologist for more involved skin care treatments.

Skin type: Dry to normal

Problem areas: Undereye darkness and slight hyperpigmentation

Face Exfoliation (2/ week):* (I also use these treatments on my body)

Lemon, brown sugar and agave – really good for dark and acne spots

Porridge oats, pinch of turmeric and water

Face Mask (Fortnightly):

Bentonite Clay and ACV

Daily moisturiser:

Vitamin E and Shea Butter

Facials: not having any at present

I have increased my water intake this month also from 2L back to 3L to see if this makes a difference. After my amazing summer in Florida, my skin was definitely drier from the sun than normal (that is with protection) although the melanin glow was beautiful! I haven’t been wearing makeup- apart from brows as you can see in the picture and from the lack of makeup posts and that is more down to mood. My skin is far from perfect and hopefully, the increased hydration will help.

As we transition into the winter months, remember that central heating, air conditioning, weather, stress, clothing, detergents, hair / beauty products and more will affect your skin as well as diet– which is for another post. So take care of your skin and pay attention to signs that it may be feeling a little neglected. As always drink lots of water and be kind to people- that’s been my 2017 mantra, as well as minding my own business!

As always drink lots of water and be kind to people- that’s been my 2017 mantra, as well as minding my own business! 😝

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to know more- hit me up! Tomorrow we lifestyle blogging so don’t forget to come back and say hey!

Besos 💋

The Beauty Holder xoxo






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