New Year x Glam 🌟 x Glitter ✨ x Simple💫

Hey Everyone!

I have not blogged as much this year as I did last year but sometimes the work needs to happen in silence! I didn’t want to see the year out without giving a couple of New Year make-up options. My annual Year in Review blog will be out this weekend so look out for that.  There is a lot in the pipeline for The Beauty Holder but more about that in the review blog.

GLAM: Golden Eyes! 🌟

So for all those who want some of that New Years Glamour, here is my take on old Hollywood. Red Lips with glitter eyes. I have hooded lids, which means my actual visible lid space (when eyes are open) is VERY SMALL. Big glitter doesn’t do much but irritate my eyes so I use glitter liners which are easier on my eyes and just as effective. The ones I used were from Eyes Lips Face (ELF). Click on the pic for the names. Salon Rouge from Mac cosmetics on my lips. Gorgeous red and even if you chose to rock with a nude lip it would be stunning.

Glam Golden Eyes  IMG_5905 Salon Rouge by MAC


I love colour! Whether on my lips or on my eyes. So I opted for some more glitter but with the show-stopping turquoise as a base shadow. This again is from an Eyes Lips Face palette. Link for their affordable and great products below. I love them and have done for years. They may have a low price bracket but don’t underestimate the quality of the shadows and other products. This look will make an entrance and exit and let your eyes do the talking all night!

Turquoise PowTurquoise Pow

ELF Shadow Palette Eyes Lips Face Glitter Liners Copper and Stardust


So this was the simple. Just Me! No make-up and no fuss. Just my moisturiser and a smile. Not everyday put on a full face which is really accurate. People expect to run into The Beauty Holder when they see me out. You’re gonna run into Donna-Marie- maybe without the scarf and onesie… no promises.

if you’re having a quiet New Year’s night in then your moisturiser and smile is all you need!

Just Me  Bobbi Brown Hydrating Instense Night Cream and Eye Repair Cream

So there you have it. I used Eyes Lips Face for my eyes and the other products below. This post was not sponsored and I purchased all the products used. For those who do not have a lot of money to spend on makeup or even if you do, try them out. Just search Eyes Lips Face in your country.

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation ELF, Spiked and Stud eyebrow pencils, LA Girl Pro Concealer Fawn, Ardell lashes 106, Covergirl Pressed powder in Golden Medium

Have a safe and happy start to the New Year my loves. May God bring you all that best for a healthy and prosperous New Year! Thank you for all your love and support in 2014. It means more than you’ll ever know!

See you in 2015!

Besos! 💋

TBH! xoxo


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