If you follow me on instagram of have liked my Facebook page you may have seen some of the Behind The Scenes (BTS) from this shoot. Tania Westwood (Model in white) has designed an exciting, bold new fashion line for women. A newcomer to the fashion world with a flair for creating clothes that celebrate femininity and curves. There will be more from Tania coming soon. For now, you can check out her Website www.lechateaudor.com FB page Le Chateau D’or.

Our Stunning Models!

Monique, Tania, Bridget and Ny above at the end of the shoot all danced out but still gorgeous!

MoniqueBridgetTania (Designer)




She contacted me to do Make-up and Hair for the shoot for her upcoming advertising campaign.

Special Thanks to Photography by Paul Weaver and Videography editing by Imago2Photo Studio. Our beautiful models, Tania, Monique, Bridget and my gorgeous friend Ny.

Here is a quick look at part 1 of BTS video. Enjoy!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HqNUCxIBUI (Le Chateau D’or)!


TBH! xoxo




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